This SKLZ Accelerator Pro
putting mat enables you
to practice three key putt lengths !

Made in the USA, this true-roll putting mat is for use in your home of office.

With alignment guides and gravity ball return for continuous practice, the nine foot mat is designed to adjust to each putt distance.

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SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat

Shave strokes off your putting !

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro let’s you practice three key putt lengths (7’, 5’ and 3’ putts ) with perfect strokes on a high quality true-roll putting surface.




The back and through-stroke alignment guides on this home putting green ensures perfect acceleration and distance control, while maintaining a square face to the target.

The putting practice mat is 9’2″ long by 12″ wide and the surface is designed with durable true-roll turf and will not fray.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro putting mat is finished with an uphill grade designed to teach you to putt 18” pass the hole to ensure that your putts are not left short.

So, what percent of 7’, 5’ and 3’ putts do you make? You’ll be able to improve your game with this innovative training product which is used by professional and amateur golfers seeking to improve their putting skills.

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Here’s what other golfers are saying about the SKLZ Accelerator Pro

putting mat….

The SKLZ accelerator pro putting mat

The SKLZ accelerator pro putting mat

Source: Amazon Reviews…..

“This putting mat is a real aid to developing a putting stroke that becomes automatic. The continuous gravity ball return works fine”

“Nice practice mat – more useful than most because of markings”

“The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is a great putting mat. It’s a high-quality mat with a good ball return. The mat is a good length and is sturdy. Its automatic ball return really works, and you can practice with just one ball.”

“Inexpensive and excellent for working on that putting game at home”

“Lower scores already”

“Well made putting Mat. And the markings are most helpful in determining swing length needed for various putt distances.”

“Really helps me judge how long my back swing should be on the course. My putting’s definitely improved”

“This helped me shave 2 strokes off my putting”


Disadvantages when using this putting mat :

In our research 99% of the customer feedback was very positive.

However, we did come across one buyer who said:


“The putting mat needs a ball stop at the end of the return”.


Another said:

“For what I paid for the product, I was hoping for something a bit more quality.”

“The return is slow and does not work every time, but not a huge deal. “


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on  this SKLZ Accelerator Pro Mat

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