Electric Golf Cart Storage

It’s important to ensure correct golf cart storage if you know you won’t be using the golf cart for a long period of time.

golf cart storageFollowing is a few simple steps that will prevent damage and deterioration to your cart and have it ready for your next game.

Wherever you store your golf cart make sure the storage area will protect it from the elements and vermin.

Check that the battery cell caps are tight.

The battery should be cleaned using baking soda and water.

Don’t forget the terminals and the area around the battery. For example the inside walls of the body panels.

A small paintbrush is a handy tool or perhaps a toothbrush to get into the difficult to reach areas.

All cable connections should be checked to ensure they are tightly secured and, make sure cables are not too close.

Golf Cart Storage Water Levels

It’s important to also ensure water levels in the battery cells are at optimum level, using distilled water.

The battery should be fully charged and, this is especially important if you live in a cold area because when a battery discharges the acid turns to water and is more likely to freeze.

Don’t over charge the battery and make sure the charger is disconnected from the golf cart battery and unplugged from the wall.

This will safeguard your golf cart from the risk of damage caused by a power surge.

If you use your golf cart often you can lengthen the life of the seat with a golf cart seat cover. See the accessories section on our main menu as well as our full battery care page.

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Golf cart storage
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Golf cart storage
An investment in a golf cart cover is very worthwhile so as to protect your cart.
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