Street Legal Golf Cart Requirements

A street legal golf cart must be fitted with all the necessary equipment and accessories that legally allow it to travel on roads.

It’s extremely important that you check your local laws to ensure you are aware of any specific requirements.

Street legal golf cart










In recent years, a growing number of states have passed legislation authorizing their local jurisdictions to permit general on-road use of street legal golf carts.

They’re subject to speed and/or operation of course..

You should check the website of the Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety or the city or town hall where you live.

The Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 571.500 Standard No. 500 for Low-Speed Vehicles (street legal golf carts) operated on public streets, roads, and highways are equipped with the minimum motor vehicle equipment appropriate for motor vehicle safety.

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All states require the following for street legal golf carts.

(a) When tested in accordance with test conditions ( in S6 and test procedures in S7 of the Standard) , the maximum speed attainable in 1.6 km (1 mile) by each low-speed vehicle shall not more than 40 kilometers per hour (25 miles per hour).

(b) Each low-speed vehicle (street legal golf cart) shall be equipped with:

sticky  Headlights and tail lights with turn signals and brake lights.

sticky  License plate light.

sticky  Horn

sticky Speedometer

 sticky DOT approved tires

 sticky Windshield wiper

sticky  Reflex reflectors: one red on each side as far to the rear as practicable, and one red on the rear,

 sticky An exterior mirror mounted on the driver’s side of the vehicle and either an exterior mirror mounted on the passenger’s side of the vehicle or an interior mirror,

 sticky A parking brake:

 sticky A windshield of AS-1 or AS-5 composition, that conforms to the American National Standard Institute’s “Safety Code for Safety Glazing Materials for Glazing Motor Vehicles Operating on Land Highways,” Z-26.1-1977, January 28, 1977, as supplemented by Z26.1a, July 3, 1980 (incorporated by reference; see 49 CFR 571.5).

 sticky A VIN that conforms to the requirements of part 565 Vehicle Identification Number.

 sticky A Type 1 or Type 2 seat belt assembly conforming to Sec. 571.209 of this part, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 209, Seat belt assemblies, installed at each designated seating position.

 sticky Add a warning label. Golf carts require a warning label that’s easily seen by the driver that reads: “WARNING: This vehicle must not be operated on public roads at a speed more than 25-mph.”

 sticky Minimum speed of at least 21 mph

 sticky Maximum speed of 25 mph

Important Notes:  Please Do Not use this list to decide what is required for a street legal golf cart in your State.

Instead check with local law officials or DMV to make sure you know what makes a golf cart street legal.

Remember, each local jurisdiction has its own restrictions on what makes a golf cart street legal.

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