Great golf cart tires and wheels Combo !

These golf cart tires and wheels are fabulously priced if you’re looking for a perfect tire and wheel replacement solution.

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Golf cart tires and wheels

A great priced replacement tire for standard size golf cart wheels.

It’s a standard sized golf cart wheel with a classic 4 ply 18 x 8.50-8 Sawtooth tread.pattern and, is DOT rated for use on the pavement.

The tubeless golf cart tire is mounted on a white 8 inch rim and, has a maximum load of 815 lbs and a maximum PSI of 22.

It’s very easy to replace the whole wheel on your golf cart and, you’ll find it fits great, looks great and drives ever better !

The golf cart tires come with air and are ready to mount.



Brand new golf cart tires will make a huge difference on your cart, so why not consider switching over the old ones and keep rolling !


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Here’s what other golf cart owners are saying about this golf cart tire and wheel….

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Great golf cart tire at a reasonable price”

“These are a really good deal. Good quality tires mounted on steel wheels, ready to mount.”

“These came with wheels and tires, no need to find someone to mount tires on my old rims”

“This is a great tire and wheel combo for the price you pay. Tire comes mounted, fully inflated and ready to mount.”

I would recommend these tires to anyone.”

“Needed tire/rim for my EzGo cart. Good deal here. Nice having it arrive ready to go, just mount and off to the course.”

“I am amazed at this buy.”

“I was very pleased with my purchase of four golf cart tires.”


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