Golf cart manuals to help you operate, repair or service
your Ez Go, Club Car, or Yamaha golf cart

When choosing between golf cart manuals you should note that there are differences between each type of golf cart manual.

Golf cart manuals

EzGo, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts






Owner’s Manuals: These provide very basic information about your golf cart.


This type of golf cart manual contains no troubleshooting information, diagrams or procedures.

Also, they do not contain part number listings or exploded views of the various systems.

The owner’s golf cart manual is the most basic of all golf cart manuals. They focus on tips for operating your golf cart safely, general maintenance and sometimes tips on easy repair problems. These are not what you want as a golf cart repair manual.

Service/Repair Manuals: These provide comprehensive troubleshooting and repair procedures for all systems of the golf cart. There’s complete wiring diagrams and schematics along with detailed troubleshooting procedures.

Therefore, if you plan to work on your golf cart yourself, then a golf cart service manual is definitely worth having.

A golf cart repair manual is essential if you want to do your own repairs.

Remember that most dealerships don’t carry repair golf cart manuals so you may as well order one online.

A golf cart repair manual may cost you anywhere from $80 to $100 and, the cost will depend on the year, model and make of your golf cart so have this information ready.

Buggies Unlimited and Amazon both carry a selection of golf cart repair manuals.

Parts Manuals: You don’t really need a Parts Manual as they provide just pictures and part numbers with exploded views of the various systems of the golf cart and, each part’s respective part number.

This type of golf cart manual does not contain any troubleshooting information or repair procedures.

Most of all, we suggest that you keep your golf cart manual handy as you may have to refer to it every now and then.

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

At just $19.99 the Golf Cart Battery Guide is well worth having

One of the most important manuals you can have is the Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide as the most common golf cart breakdown problem with an electric golf cart is probably the golf cart batteries.

Ez Go Electric Repair Golf Cart Manual:

Buggies Unlimited carries a complete selection of golf cart manuals.

Alternatively, you should check out Amazon’s Low Prices for Ez Go Manuals


Club Car Service Manuals: 

A worthwhile investment and costing between $30 to $180 (depending on the year and make of your golf cart), is a Club Car repair golf cart manual They can be found on-line and are well worth it if you plan to do some of your own basic troubleshooting and repairs.


Yamaha Golf Cart Service Manual: 

Investing in a Yamaha Golf Cart Service Manual can save you money in the long run.



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